Cigarette Vanishing Case
 (Amazing Drawer Box)

This is an excellent mechanical pocket item, and one which every Magician will find useful in his bag of tricks. 
The performer shows a small box, like a Cigarette Case, which is exactly right to hold six King Size Cigarettes. (Box measures approximately 4" long, 2.5" wide and 0.6" in height). It is opened and shown to be full of Cigarettes. The performer says he is trying to give up smoking and the easiest way to do this is to make the Cigarettes vanish.  The box is closed and when it is opened again, all the Cigarettes have vanished.
You can also work the effect in reverse,  by starting with an empty box, then magically having this fill with cigarettes, which can be passed around if you wish.
You can use this box with any item other than cigarettes, which will fit into the drawer of the box.  You can produce or vanish a packet of paper currency notes, Paper slips, biscuits, small silks, pleated ribbons, or crayons or a vanished silk etc. from this box.  biscuits, small silks, pleated ribbons, or crayons.
The apparatus is similar to the Drawer Box which is familiar to most Magicians, but with a very clever locking mechanism.  This enables you to handle the box very freely, and in a most convincing manner.  You can also allow a spectator to open the drawer for the production or vanish if you wish.
The Cigarette Vanishing Case is entirely molded in quality plastic and supplied complete with illustrated instructions and ideas for 
use.  It is very easy to use, and suitable for a beginner or newcomer, yet magical and versatile enough to find a place in the act of any Magician.


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