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Airborne Glass Plastic Bottle Model

The Airborne Glass has become a favorite with magicians because of the completely off-beat and highly visual magic impact.

Use it as a magic effect, or an MC bit, or at a party as an "impromptu stunt" - this one is a real stunner.

The basic effect involves the performer pouring liquid into a glass from a jug, can, bottle etc.

He "absent-mindedly" leaves the glass hanging in mid-air during the performance, (maybe to scratch himself, or gesture to emphasize some point), and the glass stays suspended in mid air, as the liquid continues to pour into it. Performed with a little effort to the presentation, this is a sure fire applause-getter..

We have had models of this for the Soda Can, and the glass Soda bottle for several years, and these have been extremely popular. We now introduce the plastic model bottle, as plastic bottles are fast replacing the glass bottles, and cans.

This model is for use with any standard Plastic (PET) Soda Bottle with screw-on cap (Coke, Pepsi, Fanta, Limca, Sprite, etc. etc.) which any audience would be familiar with. You can use this with any size of PET soda bottle (500 ml., 600 ml., 1 Liter, 1.5 Liter, 2 Liters etc.). Although the bottles vary considerably in size, the mouth and cap size of all these soda bottles is the same, making this a universal gimmick.

We supply you the special clear glass and special gimmick. You use this with any standard PET Soda bottle - its so easy you'll use this the first time you try, and the visual effect is absolutely stunning. And this model comes to you at the same low price as our other models, also available.

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