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This is a novel and highly visual production of three flower bunches, with an added touch of magic.
Effect : The performer displays 3 cylinders, and three different colored silks. 
Spectators select a silk and a tube, and the selected silk is pushed into a hole on top of the cylinder. This is repeated with the other two silks and tubes. 
The performer now mixes the cylinders, and asks the spectators to guess which cylinder has which colored silk. The spectator does so, and could be right, (in which case the performer congratulates them on their psychic ability), or could be wrong, (in which case you tell them to concentrate harder).
You now open out the three cylinders, and three flower bushes spring into view. And these match the colored silks placed in the cylinders, as selected by the spectators.
We supply the 3 different colored "Botanias" - a flower bush covered by a tube (you can look through this from the hole on top) the different colored "silks", and an ordinary magic wand used to push the silk into the tube, and full color illustrated instructions. An off beat effect that combines clever magic, with the colorful visual production. You could also use these Botanias as ordinary production items, like the regular Botania !

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