Dean's Box (Dean Dill)

One of the most talked about effects when it was introduced at the 2001 World Magic Seminar - continues to be just as dynamic many years later. That's why we are featuring it again, in our "featured items" section, as it's just too good to be buried deep on our website. It is elegant magic at its best, wonderfully constructed with meticulous detail and craftsmanship.

Effect: The performer is able to link two regular ropes (one red, the other white) "inside the box" while both rope ends remain outside the box! In fact, he can even have the spectator hold the two ends while the magic happens.
While there are a variety of routines that can be performed, the standard is where you link these two ropes several times, in different ways, all the time when the ends of the ropes are outside of the box and in total and absolute view of the spectators.
In fact, on one of the several attempts, you can actually open up the lid of the box so the spectators can not only see the ends of all the ropes are outside the box, but by looking inside the box - they can also confirm the two ropes are completely separate and independent from each other (not connected in any way). Just by closing the lid, and having two spectators hold tightly both ends of the two ropes and pull on them. Of course, the assumption is the two different colored ropes will be pulled right through the holes of the box - but in fact, the two ropes magically become connected - and a mini tug of war is created as both spectators attempt to pull their ropes out, but can't because they are connected!
What??? Just a few seconds ago the spectators could clearly see the inside of the box that showed the two ropes completely independent?
You want a strong close? Put either of the two ropes in the box with the ends exposed, now show a solid ring (which can also be examined) and simply toss it in the box. "Cha-Ching!" The performer opens the front side panel to reveal the magic - The Ring has penetrated the Rope!
The Box is examinable, made from beautiful mahogany wood and has two curtained openings, one on each side. There is also a trap door on top, as well as an opening panel in the front.
"This is exceptionally powerful magic, something that you will treasure and use again and again." -- Joe Stevens

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