The Sand Frame is a classic prop, where a picture magically appears in an empty Frame. This model of the item has a sturdy wooden frame, and will hold a Jumbo Card or a picture of the same size.

In performance the Frame is first shown empty. It is turned back out and placed visibly upright against a suitable support on your table. The support should be of a nature that is above suspicion, - for example an inverted clear Glass Tumbler. That way nobody can suspect the support has anything to do with the picture appearing in the Frame. When it is again turned over to face the audience a picture has appeared in the previously empty frame. You can also cover the Sand Frame with a large cloth and hand it over to a spectator to hold. Later he himself removes the cloth, and finds the picture has appeared. A useful prop for many uses,
Frame measures 10.5" x 8.25", and is crafted from solid hard wood. We have a limited stock of these, and they take a very long time to produce - please order early if interested.

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