A Queen Like No Other by Adair

Adair’s “A Queen Like No Other”

The Parade of Kings, (or our version titled Dream Queen) has been one of the finest and most popular 4 card packet effects ever created.

Now Ian Adair has come up with another variation – A super-duper self-contained packet trick which runs as follows:

A plastic pocket containing a set of four cards is shown at the very start of this effect.

The performer states that court cards have always been his favourites,the Queens in particular. He asks a spectator to think of any one of the Queens, – hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades, and is then asked to name it aloud. Let’s say the Queen of Hearts is the ‘thought-of’ card.

When the set of cards is removed from the plastic pocket (which is a genuine one with a transparent front and is now definitely empty) the spectator and audience see that three of these are BLANK. The thought-of card (Queen of Hearts in our example) the fourth card, is the only printed one in full view amongst the others. In fact, the blank cards turn out to be double blanks! These are tossed onto the table or handed to the spectator who may wish to look at them.

No Force. ANY OF THE 4 QUEENS can be selected. No Rough and Smooth principle involved. No sleights or moves of any kind. No hinged cards, each card is the same size, shape and same thickness.

We supply you all the required cards and wallet, with full instructions by Ian Adair.

As an added bonus, we supply you four extra cards, where by changing one card, as explained in the instructions, you can leave everything for thorough examination by the audience.

A great card effect, ready to perform any place, any time, and a bargain at a very modest price.

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A Queen Like No Other by Adair

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