Revolving Top Rabbit Table

useful in any act, and specially for Kid Show Performers.
It has a large working surface enabling you to use this for your larger effects and a revolving top, which you can turn around. If you need to show a large  prop all around (like a Mirror Production Box, or a Square Circle outfit) all you need to do is turn the top around, instead of picking up a cumbersome prop. 
You could even have it "preset" to perform up to 4 different smaller effects, one along each side of the table. All you do is give the table top a quarter turn to bring the next effect to face the audience. 
The table can be assembled in minutes by fixing the hinged halves.
The table "breaks into three compact folding parts. 
Besides the top, you can also hang silks or garlands etc. over the Rabbit's thumbs.
After your act, just transform the table to the flat compact form for transportation. Handle the assembly and disassembly a couple of times, and you can do this in less than two minutes.
This is a very useful accessory for the performer required to perform under diverse conditions. It also makes a very attractive display, specially for kid shows. Use one for your next Birthday Party or XMas show - and make an impact.

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