Indian Rope Trick

Famous Indian rope trick is a myth that has never been proven!

Show a close-up table with tripod legs and a round top thin look. The table rest 3 feet high, on which you can perform all of your close-up routines. You then show an empty woven basket and place it on the table. a piece of rope about 3 feet long passed out for inspection. 

The rope is coiled and placed in the basket. As performer play a flute (Snake Charmer's Flute) the Rope magically rises out of the basket. It can rise a completely under your control. The unit which controls the rising and sinking of the Rope is completely under your control! Finally the rope sinks back into the basket. It is removed and shown flexible, can be tossed out for examination.

The rising and sinking device is built into the base of the table. The flute has the transmitter, with very simple 2 buttons controls that make the rope rise or sink, and you can control it from more than a few feet away.

The complete outfit is folding for trouble-free transportation.

You can perform this effect completely surrounded .

We supply everything that's required:

·       The Collapse Table

·       The Woven Basket

·       The Length of Rope(s)

·       The Snake Charmer's Flute (Been), with the essential electronics all inbuilt

·       Complete with Detailed video Instructions

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