Gozinta Boxes - Large

These are a pair of boxes approximately 4″ in size. They are large enough to be visible for audiences of up to a few hundred. The boxes have a complete cover.  They are in two different colors.  We will presume they are black and red.  The magician opens the black box, and inside it is the red box.  Obviously the red box is smaller than the black box.

The red box is removed, and if you wish you could make a production of silks, spring flowers, streamers etc. from the box.  The box is finally shown empty.  You now close the black box, put it into the red box, and close the red box. Obviously the black box is now smaller than the red box.  This can be repeated as often as you like.

Gozinta Boxes work on an ingenious geometric principle, credited to Lubor Fiedler. The boxes are completely solid and rigid.  They are not flexible, or elastic, and there are no sliding or moving parts, trap doors, substitutions or any such subterfuges. We supply the set of boxes ready to perform.  Boxes are crafted from heavy board, Rexene coated for long life, and supplied complete with instructions at a very modest price.  You use your own production items if you wish to make a production from these.

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