Dream Queen - Poker
Dream Queen - Poker

Dream Queen - Poker

A very strong and amazing mental effect.

The performer displays a small envelope with four cards in it. He states that this contains the four queens from a deck of cards, but one queen is different from the other three. A spectator is asked to call out any one of the four queens, i.e. hearts, clubs, diamonds, or spades. Let us suppose he calls out the queen of hearts. The four cards are removed from the envelope and fanned. Amazingly the selected card is found to be face up among 3 other face down cards. That is not all, for a climax the selected card is turned over and the back is seen to be a different color from the other 3 face down card, i.e. if the 3 face down cards have blue backs then the back of the selected card is seen to be red.
An excellent trick totally mechanical in working. No force. A first class magic effect you can perform anytime anywhere and for any audience.

Comes beautifully packaged with full colored instructions, at an amazingly low affordable price.


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Dream Queen - Poker

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