New Lantern Ball Outfit
Lantern Ball Outfit

Lantern Ball Outfit

The Lantern Ball is a very old item, and one of the few purely mechanical items performed by street magicians and ‘Jadoowallahs’ through the decades.

It’s popularity can be attributed to the very strong visual effect of the item, and the fact that it can be performed surrounded, under all conditions.

The performer displays a ‘Lantern’ which resembles the Lantern used by railway Guards in trains years ago. The lantern can be seen through from three sides.

At the beginning the complete inside of the Lantern is filled by a large Ball. The Ball is removed and placed in an opaque canister.

The performer declares that he will make the Ball travel invisibly from the canister and re-appear visibly inside the Lantern. After building up a suitable tempo, the performer holds up the Lantern, and instantaneously and visibly the ball re-appears inside the Lantern. The canister it was placed in is shown to be completely empty.

The two apparatus supplied can be used as separate apparatus to Vanish, Produce or Transform items limited to only your imagination.

You are supplied with the Lantern, canister and 2 Spring Balls. The Lantern and canister are beautifully powder coated.

The lantern is approximately 5.5 inches high and 5 inches square. The Canister 5.5 inches high and has a diameter of 4 inches. The Spring Balls are approximately 3 inches in size.

Lantern Ball Outfit


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Lantern Ball Outfit

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