Appearing Cane - Stainless Steel - Red

We are now delighted to offer a colored stainless steel version of this classic prop. 
* Long lasting Color treatment 
* No rusting. No oiling and cleaning, no mess, no color fading. 
* Far superior to colored plastic Canes, with no "temper" problems when used with silks, plumes etc.
A prop you will be proud to show off with in your act.

The Appearing Cane is in fact a high quality steel spring coil attached to a ferrule and locking arrangement. When released it opens out into the shape of a cane, over three feet in length. In the closed condition, it measures only four inches in length, and may be easily concealed in your hand.

In effect, the performer walks out on stage, and reaches into the air, and a solid colored cane magically appears in his hand. Or you can wave a silk, or ribbon, which instantly transforms into a "solid" cane. The colored canes are particularly suited for use with colored silks, for a Silk to Cane effect. You can leave the silk permanently fitted to the cane, with no fear of soiling it with oil or rust, as in traditional steel canes.

Available in White & Red colors as pictured. Please specify which is required when ordering. We also supply the traditional black canes in powder coated Stainless Steel.

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