Although a very old effect, that is an extremely visual bit of magic with liquids. Sets available in the past have normally been individually crafted from glass tumblers and were very expensive. We now offer you this set of the classic item, specially moulded in crystal plastic, at a very modest price.

Effect: On the performer's table are four clear transparent tumblers in four differant sizes. Each tumbler is approximately twice as large as the previous one. The smallest tumbler is full of milk. (Or if you wish you may visibly pour milk into this to fill it up). The performer pours the contents of this tiny tumbler into the next largest tumbler, aproximately double the size. Magically the milk has doubled, again filling the entire tumbler. This is repeated with the other two tumblers, doubling the quanity of the milk again, and once again. Comes with complete instructions and notes to assist in the performance of this great trick. 

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