Dice(Die) To Ball Tray - KANT

This is an excellent flash visual item for performance under almost any conditions. 

The magician shows a large die resting on a tray.  The die measures 3″ on all sides, and the tray is a flat tray only 0.75″ at the rim, and approximately 11.5″ square. The performer picks up the die, taps it to show it is solid, then “smashes” it on the tray.  The die is gone, and in its place is a large ball which can be handed out for examination.

You can have the die vanish completely if you wish, or change into a large bouquet of spring flowers, a large bunch of silks, or any other item which you can fit into a 3″ cube. 

We supply you the special die (made of metal), the special tray made of wood, cloth lined on the inside and velvet lined at the bottom, and full working instructions. You use any item of your choice for the final change. A large sponge ball more than 4″ in diameter would be very effective, but you can use spring flowers, silks, or latex production items etc. which appear larger than the die after the transformation. 

The trick is mechanical in working and the method will delight you for it’s simplicity and effectiveness. You can use this surrounded on a cabaret floor or in any type of platform or stage show. 

Excellent apparatus at a very affordable price. Die To Ball Tray comes to you recommended as good value for money 

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