Aqua Change Vase (Water To Garland)

performer displays a fancy “Vase”, which is shown to be empty. A glass of clear water (or any other liquid) is poured into the vase. This is now covered with an empty cylinder which the audience has seen right through. When the cylinder is lifted away, and the contents of the vase thrown out, the liquid has transformed into a garland, (or any other object) of a similar nature.

Pour in milk, and have it transform to white confetti which flutters over the heads of the audience. Or pour in coloured liquid, and have it transform to silks. For a kid show, you could have syrup transform to sweets. You could also use this for switching other items, like silks to make a blendo, and so on.

The vase and cylinder supplied are spun from aluminium, powder coated to give you a rust free, and scratch free prop. The vase measures approximately 4″ in diameter at the top, and 6″ in height, the cylinder measure 4 1/2″ in diameter and 6″ in height.

The effect is automatic in working, – all you need to do is cover the vase with the cylinder and lift it away for the change to take place. It comes to you complete with instructions and ideas for use.

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