Fantastic Frame

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Effect : The Magician shows a clear perspex frame, some 6" square. Locked in the frame, vertically and horizontally with satin ribbon are two face blank cards. Magician shows both the sides of the glass frame.  He places this frame under the cover of a piece of paper or borrowed handkerchief and places it on the table in front of the audience.

Now, the magician displays a deck of cards. He asks three spectators to take three cards one at a time from this deck. These three cards are displayed to the audience i.e. it is shown that (for example) the 1st spectators took Seven of Clubs, 2nd spectators Three of Hearts & 3rd spectators Five of Spades.

The magician turns to the covered frame with blank cards shown previously and applies his magic spell. When he removes the frame from under the cover, it is seen that the two blank cards have turned into Seven of Spades and Three of Hearts i.e. the cards of the first two spectators.

But, now a problem arises. The magician has two card matches but he had asked three spectators to pick cards. What about the 3rd card? Magician ponders for a while and applies some more magic to the frame. And Wow! When he turns over the frame, it is seen that the suit and the number of the 3rd spectator's card have been printed magically behind the two cards in the frame i.e. the number 5 at the back of Seven of Clubs & the suit Spades at the back of the Three of Hearts.

We supply the special frame fitted with the prediction cards, and detailed photo illustrated instructions. You use any regular deck of cards for the "selections."

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