Break Open Production Box

Break Open Production Box

This is a very deceptive and effective production prop, and very easy to use.

It differs from other similar props, as the box breaks open with the production into a simple skeleton from, implying no secret hiding compartments are possible.

The performer displays a box, with a cut out front, which permits the audience to see there is nothing concealed in the box. The box can be shown all around. A white silk is dropped in the box, visible through the cut out front. The cover of the box is lifted, and the box breaks open, with all the sides dropping out flat. And the silk has changed to a pair of real Doves.

You could also use this for producing any other item, if you do not work with doves. You could use a realistic stuffed toy dog, or any of the other cute and cuddly soft toys widely available, or standard magician’s production items like Spring Flowers and silks.

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Break Open Production Box

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