Spring Wand

Spring Wand

The Spring Wand is a comedy or gag prop (similar to the classic Breakaway Wand, but with much greater comedy potential). 

It is in fact a strong metal spring, with plastic tips screwed on the ends. When held in the middle, it can be handled as a regular and rigid magic wand. Wave it over your props, and it stays rigid.

However if you hold it at one of the tips, the Spring Wand flops and wobbles as if made of rubber. A very slight imperceptible movement of the hands holding the tip can make the other end go around in circles, or flap up and down and so on. Play around with this for a few minutes and you will have a much better idea of its crazy behavior, and what you can do with this.

You can use this in your act in a manner similar to the regular Breakaway Wand. You handle it by the middle as a regular wand. 

Then hand it to an assisting spectator, so that he holds it by one of the ends, and the drooping and flapping wand will draw a laugh. You can extend the flapping action of the wand by giving it a light tap on the opposite end as you hand it over.

Besides the traditional use, this wand can be used in many other ways. You can coil the wand, and place it in a small ladies’ purse or bag, or even in your pocket. You then extract a full size magic wand from the small bag or pocket. Or use it to make different designs ..

Supplied ready to use, with instructions.

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Spring Wand

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