Floating, Appearing Microphone Stand

As performed on America's Got Talent!

It is a rare moment in Magic History when a concept as revolutionary as the Appearing Pole comes along. Jason Renek inspired this idea, and now, the Appearing pole concept has been taken to a whole new dimension.

The Magician strolls onstage with a small lunch sack. He looks inside as if to find something magical. Sprinkle a little bit of glitter into the bag, immediately a microphone pole emerges from within. It seems to take on a life of it's own as it grows and grows. This looks like pure magic, but it is only just the beginning of the magic that soon takes place.

The magician looks out into the crowd, hands the bag to a spectator to hold, and then continues pulling about three more feet of the microphone stand out of the bag! If that wasn't enough, it doesn't end there:

The magician removes the entire staff from the paper bag, yet it appears to be way too tall. The magician comments that the mic stand may be fine for Wilt Chamberlin, but unfortunately it won't work too well for someone like him. Mystically and slowly as the magician taps on the mic clip, the pole begins to shrink while remaining in full view! Down it goes. Now, the magician plugs it into the base that is under the scarf on the floor. Now for the most amazing part:

The microphone stand seems to take on a life of it's own as it floats and bobs and tries to get away, but it is no match for the magician's skill as it eventually obeys his commands and comes to rest gently on the floor to a well-deserved applause!

Does not include Microphone  

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