Here is the latest sensational fire trick to add to your show!

Effect: The Performer shows an oblong cabinet having a door at the front as well as at the top. Each side wall of the cabinet has got a large hole. The performer opens the front door of the cabinet, he places his either hand through the holes of the side walls. Thus the audience can clearly see his hand passing through the cabinet. Next, closing the front door performer opens the top door of the cabinet. Using match stick/lighter he sets fire inside cabinet through the open top. Instantly flame shoots up from inside cabinet, audience is horrified as the performer's hand passing through the cabinet must be on fire! However, after few minutes top door is closed, front door is opened, performer's hand passing through the cabinet appears to be unaffected by the fire. This is found to be true as the performer smiles, removes his hand from the cabinet, which is found to be quite O.K.!

This semi illusion is completely safe to perform, very startling in effect.

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