Utility Pen Gimmick New
Utility Pen GimmickThis is a versatile utility gimmick, like the Thumb Tip.  Your audience neve..
Rs. 45.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 45.00
Flower Spray From Wand In Pot – Synthetic Flowers New
Flower Spray From Wand In Pot – Synthetic FlowersA larger stage deluxe version of the very popular F..
Rs. 600.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 600.00
Indian Rope TrickFamous Indian rope trick is a myth that has never been proven!Show a close-up table..
Rs. 3,900.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 3,900.00
Card Fan – Jumbo New
Card Fan – JumboAfter finishing any of his favorite card routines, the magician waves his hand and m..
Rs. 250.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 250.00
Wand And Beads Puzzle New
Wand And Beads PuzzleTwo Beads are threaded on a string through a wand.The object of the puzzle is t..
Rs. 30.00
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The Blast New
The BlastThe Blast is a magnet fee, non electronic and completely manual product.The easy to use mec..
Rs. 399.00
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Rainbow Deck New
Rainbow DeckColourful Mental Prediction~Different Card BacksThe magician displays a deck of cards.&n..
Rs. 200.00
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Run Rabbit Run – Stage New
Run Rabbit Run – StageCreated by Harry Leat, Run Rabbit Run is a classic children’s effect, and seve..
Rs. 2,500.00
Ex Tax: Rs. 2,500.00
See Through BlindfoldThis is a mechanical See Through Blindfold, which gives you direct vision throu..
Rs. 175.00
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Double Dragon Fan New
Double Dragon FanLarge Colored 24 inch plastic fans that you can produce magically to amaze your aud..
Rs. 450.00
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Sponge Ball Soft– Large 3 “Learn how to amaze your audience with Sponge Balls. Sponge Balls Magicall..
Rs. 205.00
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Gozinta Boxes - LargeThese are a pair of boxes approximately 4″ in size. They are large enough to be..
Rs. 265.00
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