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Floating CardThis Is An Incredible Animation Effect For Performance Close-Up, “Right Under Their Nose”.In effect a spectator selects a card from a pac..
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 Princess Card Trick - Ultra
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Princess Card Trick – UltraPerformer shows 5 picture cards to a spectator and asks him to think of any one of the cards.Performer removes one of the c..
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Stripe Flip SilkA novel production silk with a visual magical change. When produced, it shows as a pretty silk with red vertical stripes on a white ba..
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Master Mind Cards
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Master Mind CardsPerformer places aside a Piece of paper, which he claims is a prediction.He now fans and displays a dozen different cards.  He t..
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Mental-4-TranspositionPerformer shows two small packets of cards, one RED back and the other BLUE backs .Spectator mentally selects one 4 spot card of..
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Chinese Ring IllusionA vanished coin appears in the middle of a Magic ring. You can use the outfit supplied (two magic rings, the “mat” and the magic ..
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Collapsible Wine Glass by Joshua Jay Collapsible Wine Glass by Joshua Jay
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Collapsible Wine Glass by Joshua JayDescription:Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. present the perfect solution for transforming your close-up card magic i..
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Lethal Tender Worlds Fastest Coin Trick!Effect: A Chinese coin and US half dollar coin are displayed inside a wallet, along with a playing card. The M..
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“RAINBOW” CLASSIC BLENDO – 22″The performer displays some silks of different solid colours. They are knotted together, and held between the performer’..
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Auto Change Mirror TubeThis is the classic Conradi Tube with a mirror partition for the vanish of silks, (as described 150+ years ago by Professor Hof..
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Flower To Bouquet – SyntheticA quick, simple but very effective magic trick.The performer displays a flower and an empty tube. He passes the flower th..
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Adair’s Crystal Clear ImageA spectator selects a card from a shuffled deck.From a coloured envelope, the performer removes four jig-saw pieces and arr..
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Card To WatchA playing card visually transforms into a watch.This card To Watch is easy to do, but will leave your audience amazed.Ideal trick for Tik..
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Size SurpriseThis is a self working, visual magic effect which is a treat to the eyes of even a magician.In this very visual Close-up effect, the magi..
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Adair's Productivity in WalletA packet card trick, from the prolific mind of Ian Adair.Effect : The Magician shows 5 cards with pictures of five popul..
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Water & Paper BagA classic masterpiece, “Newspaper and Water”, has been loved and performed by magicians all over the world. Fujiwara improved the..
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Two Card MonteARE YOU LOOKING FOR A FUN WAY TO ENTERTAIN OTHERS? Look no further than the Two Card Monte trick!Two playing cards are shown. A card sel..
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Perspective Cards SetThis is a very easy yet baffling mind reading effect which you can carry in your pocket, and perform any time, any place.A specta..
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Card Castle From Empty BagProduce Three-card Castle from an empty bag!It all happens in the Blink of an eye!This is the miniature version of card cast..
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Bubbles Streamer (30 Feet)These production streamers are pure silk streamers 6 inches wide and over 30 feet in length.Being made of pure silk, the str..
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