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Balloon To Rabbit (Revolving)Show an empty box. Blow up a balloon and place it in the box. Say the magic words, revolve the box 360 degrees, and BAM! ..
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3 Way R&S Forcing Deck (Genuine Bicycle)How often have you encountered the phrase “by your favourite method” to force a card for a card trick?We p..
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Four Queens Color ChangeQuick and Easy Pocket card effect.The magician shows four different queens in his hand, he can show it from the back too to sh..
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Color Changing Plumes – Synthetic“Witness the magic of color transformation!Watch as the performer displays six beautifully colored synthetic plumes, ..
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C LOCK PUZZLEThe Double “C” lock Metal Brain Teaser Wire Disentanglement Puzzle is not only fun, it improves your problem solving skills at the same t..
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Visual Color Changing Plumes – SyntheticIntroducing a new twist on an old classic, the “Color Changing Plumes.” This effect is based on a new principl..
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M W PUZZLECan you separate the Two M pieces, and put them back together again? This Puzzle is unique as it is very simple to put together but annoying..
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Ultimate Penetration PlusA magic pen that penetrates through Paper Bills or Coins, Changes coins with a tap, and twists around end for end under the c..
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Visual Plume To Bouquet – SyntheticAttention all magicians! Add a touch of magic to your next performance with this synthetic Flower Trick.” This qual..
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Adair’s Carrot CulpritHere’s a super children show effect which is easy to carry, easy to reset and easy to perform. The plot and theme are so easy th..
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Floating CardThis Is An Incredible Animation Effect For Performance Close-Up, “Right Under Their Nose”.In effect a spectator selects a card from a pac..
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Princess Card Trick – UltraPerformer shows 5 picture cards to a spectator and asks him to think of any one of the cards.Performer removes one of the c..
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Stripe Flip SilkA novel production silk with a visual magical change. When produced, it shows as a pretty silk with red vertical stripes on a white ba..
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Master Mind CardsPerformer places aside a Piece of paper, which he claims is a prediction.He now fans and displays a dozen different cards.  He t..
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Mental-4-TranspositionPerformer shows two small packets of cards, one RED back and the other BLUE backs .Spectator mentally selects one 4 spot card of..
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Chinese Ring IllusionA vanished coin appears in the middle of a Magic ring. You can use the outfit supplied (two magic rings, the “mat” and the magic ..
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Collapsible Wine Glass by Joshua JayDescription:Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. present the perfect solution for transforming your close-up card magic i..
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Lethal Tender Worlds Fastest Coin Trick!Effect: A Chinese coin and US half dollar coin are displayed inside a wallet, along with a playing card. The M..
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Rainbow Classic Blendo - 36″ (SILK)The performer displays some silks of different solid colours. They are knotted together, and held between the perfo..
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“RAINBOW” CLASSIC BLENDO – 22″ (SILK)The performer displays some silks of different solid colours. They are knotted together, and held between the per..
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