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Sure Shot Prediction

Sure Shot PredictionPerformer displays 3 cards with 3 different geometric designs which he removes f..

Rs. 30.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 30.00

Svengali Pad

Svengali Pad The Svengali Note Pad looks like an ordinary blank note book with a plain black cover...

Rs. 150.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 150.00

Sword through Neck - Sword Only

Sword through Neck - Sword Only Sword through Neck - Sword Only A replacement sword for the..

Rs. 450.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 450.00

Tally-Ho Decks (PAIR) RED & BLUE

Tally-Ho Decks (PAIR) RED & BLUEA high quality, Linoid finish makes Tally-Ho playing cards the p..

Rs. 650.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 650.00

The Clear-Vue Master Prediction

The Clear-Vue Master PredictionThe most Mystifying, Practical and Portable All-Purpose Predicti..

Rs. 18,000.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 18,000.00

Three Bottle Production

Three Bottle ProductionThe performer shows two nesting cylinders, one red and one yellow. The red cy..

Rs. 1,800.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,800.00


TOP CRYSTAL CASKET  (WITH DVD) - SUPER Inspired by the Crystal Casket where a ball appears in ..

Rs. 3,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,500.00

Torn and Restored Queen

Torn and Restored QueenA giant queen of spades is shown to the audience. The magician folds it into ..

Rs. 150.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 150.00

Toss Change Card

Toss Change CardThis is a snap visual change of a playing card. A card is shown front and back,..

Rs. 90.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 90.00

Transformation Box – Antique

Transformation Box – Antique If you want a Utility prop, in a deluxe finish – a prop that you will b..

Rs. 1,800.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,800.00


Tricky Paddles - Colored # 6 We have made a variety of colored paddles at a very economical price, ..

Rs. 40.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 40.00

Triple Color Blending Silks

Triple Color Blending SilksPerformer displays three different color silks (say red, yellow and green..

Rs. 375.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 375.00


Triple Match Botania New - First Time advertised This is a novel and highly visual production of th..

Rs. 2,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,500.00

Ultimate Prediction Board

Ultimate Prediction Board Many people have been asking for a smaller version of the stage size Ulti..

Rs. 4,800.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 4,800.00


The magician displays three different-colored silk handkerchiefs tied several inches apart on a stif..

Rs. 375.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 375.00