Instant Appearing Tie
We anticipate this one to sell world-wide because there are so many applications for it and it appeals to virtually any type of magician or performer.

Performer, at anytime during their act, can add a magical touch with this Instant Appearing Tie effect! Performer comes out dressed in a jacket and nice sure – but no tie! Fortunately he is a magician and is not concerned so he simply turns around and when he faces the audience, magically the “tie” has appeared from no where!

•Instant magic at its best!
•Easy to perform
•Use “any” tie
Show yourself reading a newspaper and in just raising the newspaper and then lowering it, the tie appears! This is not just quick change magic, it’s an instant appearance. The good news is once you have the gimmick you can substitute the tie that is provided for another one of your preference.  Also know as, Insta Tie.

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