Dan's Van by Ian Adair

It's  colorful  - SIX  beautiful  colors, bright  and  bold.
 2. Large  enough to  be   seen at  the  biggest  venues.
 3. Easy to work and NO resetting  (a  godsend to busy entertainers).

This is the absorbing story of Dan the Magic Man and his Magic Van. Dan uses his magic van to carry all his magic things, the performer explains to the children. Somehow the performer doesn't feel that Dan's big van looks colorful enough, and the children agree. A bold cut-out model of Dan's van is displayed, neatly silk-screened in black on white. The performer suggests that we take Dan's van to the Magic Paint Shop and a model car paint shop of the building is displayed on both sides, these being identical. It's also shown inside, the performer remarking, “That's funny, there's nothing much inside”, for it's empty!
 The black and white magic van is pretend-driven inside the paint shop from the side marked IN and the children are all asked to make the pretend sound of it as it makes its way inside. 
 Here's the cheeky bit - for the children notice the performer secretly reversing the paint shop - naughty performer!
 When the front is opened the model van is ready to be driven out, the children once again making the appropriate noises - only to find that it is BRIGHT RED.
Somehow the children aren't really impressed. Some don't quite know what to expect, so the fun continues.
 The performer, so intrigued by the magical way Dan's magic van becomes coloured by magic, tries again, replacing the van inside, getting the children to make the noises and then (another secret [?] reversal here) the paint shop is opened up to show that it is black and white as before. “Oh dear”, says the performer, “It works in reverse too”. By this time the children are NOT impressed by the magical methods used to change the color of Dan's Van. In fact they know you are cheating! Needless to say, the wise childrens’ entertainer will get as much put of all this business as possible, repeating the actions and procedure of the van changing back and forth. 
 NOW FOR THE SURPRISING, COLORFUL CLIMAX. Right at the end of the routine, and when the children really are accusing you of cheating, the EMPTY paint shop is discarded showing the van RED but, upon turning it round there, for all the children to see, the van is in RAINBOW COLORS - yellow, green, red and blue, arc-shaped bands, filling the main section, and with the bold lettering DAN'S MAGIC VAN imprinted on top, making a most attractive display. What a surprise finish! 
 This routine lasts several minutes, registers well with all ages, is colorful and clear to see from any distance, and is a joy to work.
 The apparatus supplied is nicely made in strong board, silk-screened in six bright colors. The artwork is professionally done, and Ian's own detailed routine, containing all the wonderful bits of business, plus the patter story, is included with every outfit. 
Paint shop measures 14" x 5". The Vans are 11.75" x 7.25". Make this highly visible for a large audience.

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