Jumping Stud

Jumping Stud

This is a paddle effect with three different changes, but involves no sliding or moving parts, shells, magnets or gimmicks.

A quality close-up prop, the Paddle (Rod) is laser cut from thick acrylic sheet with rounded corners, and electroplated steel balls for the “studs”. The apparatus is supplied to you in a leatherette carry pouch to protect it from scratches and friction.

Effect – The performer displays a rod with a metal stud on the end closer to the spectator (away from performer). The rod is turned over, and the stud displayed towards the audience end on both sides.

With a quick flick of his hand the stud is made to jump to the opposite end of the rod (The rod is not turned over end for end),  and it is once again displayed on both sides.

This business of the Stud jumping from one end to the other can be repeated a couple of times.

Finally for the climax you cause the stud to jump to the middle of the rod. Once again the rod is displayed on both sides.

We supply you the special rod, ready to use. In addition to the rod supplied, you need to know the Paddle Move, which has also been described in the instructions, in case you are not familiar with this.

A quality close-up prop ready to use any place, any time, with full working instructions.

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Jumping Stud

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